Reading free works on your IOS device

Here’s a not-so-quick tip for reading free works on your IOS device

You may know of many resources for finding free works to read on your
iPhone, iPod, or iPad, such as Project Gutenburg
or free stuff for Kindle (the IOS app version of which is also available):

But if you scour the internet, you can find free text versions of lots of
other works, too. For whatever reason, I recently started thinking about the
science fiction story “Who Goes There” by John W. Campbell, Jr., which I
remembered having read as a youngster before I knew it had years earlier
served as the basis for a movie I had probably already seen called The Thing
from Another World
(1951, Winchester Pictures, starring one of my favorite
movie monster fighters, Kenneth Tobey, and James Arness as the monster,
whom those of you of a somewhat higher age similar to that of myself may also
remember as TV’s Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke fame). That, of course, was also a
long time before the more popular remake, John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982,
Universal Pictures, starring Kurt Russell).

Anyway, when I searched for the story, I found an abundance of commercial
advertising for versions being offered for sale before finally discovering a
site that hosted the public domain work for free in text format.

Many Mac users who have IOS devices probably know that it’s pretty simple to
copy text and paste it into a TextEdit or Word document and save it as pdf
file by using the print command so that it can be transferred to and read in
iBooks on the device. That’s what I tried first, but I discovered that
formatting the pdf document to suit my reading preferences in iBooks was not
quite as simple as I had expected. So to finally get to the basis of the
tip, it’s a lot easier to customize the appearance of what you’re reading in
iBooks if it’s in epub format than if it’s in pdf format. I discovered that
a free Mac application, Calibre, made it easy to convert my pdf version of
the text into an authentic epub document, giving me the ability to easily
customize its appearance in iBooks to suit my reading preferences. I thought
that maybe some of you might want to try downloading Calibre and doing the
same. You can get it from:


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